“Yes we can…but that doesn’t mean we’re going to.”

Posted: May 15, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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Via Ann Althouse let us note a seminal moment in the Obama administration:

the Daily show discovers that Obama is like Bush.

You will note that the sparks really started to fly at Pelosi once John Stewart went after her. It’s one thing for Rush or Hanity or even Bill O’Reilly to go after her. The left couldn’t care less. To their true believers they are not legatmate sources, to those same people however Jon Stewart is.

Jon Stewart has now directly ridiculed president Obama by name. He has done it on a primary news source for the far left and for many young people who pay no attention, and not only that he has done it in a way that a person who has no idea about politics can understand.

People may not realize how big this is. Will this mean that other comics will now be willing to hit him? Will this give the imprimatur to other to speak up? Only time will tell, but the first time is always easiest.

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