You know I am very proud to support Israel…

Posted: May 12, 2009 by datechguy in catholic, opinion/news
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…against the barbarians lined up against them, but you know as a Catholic the idea that the Pope owes the state of Israel an apology for the Holocaust is not only nonsense but in my opinion requires an apology for the attempt to hang Hitler’s final solution around the neck of my church in general and this Pope in particular.

The democratic state of Israel is waging a just struggle against lying barbarians who would slaughter them all and then cheer. They deserve support and as a civilized man I am obliged to give it. The Jewish race and religion are the older brothers of my Catholic faith. They are no less God’s people then they were when God spoke to Abram. They deserve respect. These are facts and one insult is not going to change it, but I’m feeling very Josey Walesish today.

Here is the speech in question:

BTW I want to again give Israellycool big props. I suspect we don’t agree on this issue but he posted the speech in full and linked to the reactions so people could make up their own mind. He has been very fair and to continue the metaphor from above, brothers disagree and get angry on occasion, but that doesn’t mean we don’t stick together.

  1. joeland7 says:

    Interesting concept. Many popes were Jews who practiced Kabbalah.

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