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Posted: May 12, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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Anderson Cooper is losing to Olberman’s RERUNS!

The amiable star is about to be passed in the late evening cable ratings by Keith “Worst Shouter on Cable News” Olberman taped reruns.


Maybe the Obama White House’s recent expressed preference for MSNBC, reported here in The Ticket, is helping out the NBC outlet.

This is a great example of Rush being right. To wit:

Fox is clearly right leaning, anyone who denies that is not honest. They have been for years and have earned a large amount of loyalty from the right.

MSNBC is clearly left leaning (actually in my opinion beyond left leaning but a person of the left might say the same about Fox) anyone who denies that is not honest. They have in my opinion made a decision to program in that direction. They have earned the loyalty of liberals who have over the last few years moved farther left.

CNN leans left but doesn’t affirm the left to the degree that MSNBC does. They will throw the odd bone to the right but the right doesn’t trust them.

If the audience was in the middle or even center left CNN could draw them, but the country is center right. CNN is in the wilderness that is not where the people are.

Moderates are not a majority.

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