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Posted: May 11, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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As you should have figured out by now, I don’t believe in “Gay Marriage” (thus the quotes). I think it like a lot of the cultural excesses of today are massive exercises in narcissism. As a Roman Catholic it would also be considered sinful.

That being said appalling is not a strong enough word for this:

Unfortunately, the Iraqi government is neck-deep in the gay butchery themselves. Interior Ministry police hunt down gays in Baghdad, raid parties, hunt them online by using fake foreign IP addresses (as Iran does), then tortures and exterminates them in the worst possible ways. Just as Iraqi Spiritual Leader Ali al-Sistani declared they should be, in his 2006 fatwa of death against Iraqi LGBTs. Though removed from his website after controversy, the fatwa is still in full effect.

Allow me at this point to question the spirituality of a religious leader favoring any pogrom, or stating that ANYONE should die in the ‘worst possible ways’.

Here is one former Mahdi Army member who now makes a career of being a gay death squad ’surgeon,’ cutting out the cancer of homosexuality the Americans brought with them to Iraq. His words, not mine. Also, one particularly subhuman technique of killing gays, now quite popular with Iraq’s most pious Shiite extremists, is to super-glue a gay man’s anus shut, pump him full of a diarrhea-inducing compound, and have a few laughs as the victim suffers unbelievable agony before dying. The Iraqi tribes also now have carte blanche to exterminate any Iraqi LGBTs they find.

Job one is Iraq is of course the defeat of any Al Qaeda elements that could threaten either Iraq or the US. The author forgets this, eyes on the prize and all. Still it is our responsibility to do all we can to stop this slaughter and we can actually do quite a bit. To hold the Iraqi’s to a lesser standard would be a bigoted action against them as if they were not civilized enough to know better.

The question is what will the administration do? It is incumbent on us to ask the question.

I must confess to my shame that I had absolutely no idea this was going on in Iraq. With knowledge comes responsibility to speak. So I’m speaking but Mr Simpson gets credit for speaking first.

I’m not much for Gay rallies but if I lived in San Francisco I’d attend the rally of the 17th. If you are in the area you should too. As Americans and as Catholic we need to speak against this evil

And a quick suggestion to our friends on the left. If you want people on the right to attend and support said rally keep it a rally in support of LGBT’s in Iraq and not a rally either against the war or against Christianity or against prop 8. We can argue about those things when people aren’t being slaughtered for their sexual sins.

And in case you are a person who says good riddance, as the moral argument won’t work with you let me make the practical one: If a society can slaughter people over sin, you’d better hope that said society doesn’t decide to make your perceived sins capital ones.

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