Two curve balls

Posted: May 10, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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Concerning my last post and what is coming I should point out that there are two curve balls that have the potential to change things fast:

1..From Mr. McCain’s figures you note that places where the secular groups have power have lower fertility rates, and I suspect a lot of those rates come from non-secular people. (It is not uncommon to see 3-4 kids in a family at my church) This process is repeating itself across the nation. In addition the majority of people coming from south of the border are practicing Catholics as opposed to the cafeteria version we see a lot of.

What will be the result when the number of children with a religious upbringing outnumber the children with a secular upbringing 3-2 or 2-1? The result will be a religious generation that can outvote a secular one living in states with massive numbers of electoral votes. Those blue staters anxious to do away with the electoral college better beware, before my children retire they will need those electoral votes to have any prayer to win elections.

2..The same demographic truths are taking place on an even greater scale in Europe only the “breeders” as Mr. Yegleias will be Islamists who will not be content to outvote our friends of the left:

Some guys like Andrew Sullivan understand that I might disagree with him on Gay Marriage but these barbarians would cut his head off and brag about it. A person like me might suffer 2nd class citizenship in an islamist state. Our friends on the left would be dead.

Europe’s demographic change will precede any here. The birthrate gaps are larger and many of the European left will fleeing here before the continent becomes Judenrien, Christianrien and Homosexualrein. This is more ominous than our own cultural problems and has the potential to unite us to prevent the disaster that will unfold. The question will then be if the US and Canada will fight, deal or submit. Our willingness to rise above ourselves, to reject narcissism will decide that question.


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