Does game night add up to a visit from homeland security?

Posted: April 28, 2009 by datechguy in gaming

It might this week. We started with a a game of Robo Rally. Frank won that one, but we finished a tad early so we needed a 2nd game, so we decided to play Nuclear War and Nuclear Proliferation as they are usually rather quick to play.

By an odd coincidence in the middle of the game my nephew Dominic got a call from his kids in Minnesota. He was telling his daughter that he would soon be on a plane from Boston, at the same time the background talk was launching missiles, millions dead and so many megatons and bombs.

If anyone was monitoring that call and not familar with the board game they much have gotten rather excited. If the monitoring is done via computer programs then the alarm bells should be ringing off the hook.

I’ll let you know if the men in dark suits show up.

  1. Dominic says:

    Every time I flew out of Boston Logan airport the past few years after walking through the metal detectors incident free, I have always been asked to step to the side, remove my shoes, and stand in a designated area to be further screened. I would watch as the bag I spent hours packing just right, opened on rustled through.
    I was expecting nothing less this time, especially since the funny incident at game night. So as I approached security, I emptied my pockets into the grey plastic container and pushed it through the x-ray machine.
    I didn’t bother removing my belt, shoes, or watch because as always I’ll be getting personally checked in the ‘designated area’ in a few moments anyway. I stepped up to the detector, and walked through without a sound. I gathered my wallet and keys and was off to the terminal.
    I suppose my phone conversation with my daughter had not been monitored the night before.