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Posted: April 27, 2009 by datechguy in oddities, opinion/news
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The corner notices some interesting wordplay on the MSNBC site in a story by Courtney Hazlett:

There’s been plenty of speculation that Levi Johnston, the father of Tripp, Sarah Palin’s first acknowledged grandchild, has been giving interviews to the likes of Larry King and Tyra Banks so that he can land an endorsement or modeling deal.

The line has been rather sloppily removed from the main MSNBC site but it still lives on via sites that syndicated it and haven’t edited the copy, such as here here and here.

Now unless Miss Hazlett has been drinking Andrew Sullivan’s koolaid I think an explanation is in order; what made her decide on that word when this was written? What evidence if any did you have to suggest that there is another grandchild out there. This should be done preferably on Morning Joe.

Because you can have so much fun if you choose to add the word “acknowledged” to any conversation concerning Courtney Hazlett. The mind boggles! Particularly during the morning joe liveblogging.

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