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Well the Miss California business is certainly generating press to wit.

With the way some in Hollywood have piled on Miss California Carrie Prejean since Sunday’s Miss USA pageant, one might think the 21-year-old college student had called for a tax on botox, instead of speaking out against gay marriage.

Gay Patriot notices something:

Their preference for slurring gay marriage opponents parallels the way they and their peers respond to the Tea Parties. Instead of listening to their adversaries’ arguments and acknowledging the sincerity of their concerns, they treat them as a bully treats the defenseless kid on the playground.

They think they can get away with it because the MSM encourages their insults. And doesn’t hold them to account for their mean-spirited attempts to demean their adversaries.

Michelle Malkin notes the lack of outrage over misogyny in the feminist mecca of Hollywood:

the Miss USA organizers agree. Instead of apologizing for pageant judge Perez Hilton’s vile behavior, the pageant director of the Miss California contest, Keith Lewis, sent a note to Hilton throwing Prejean under the bus: “I am personally saddened and hurt that Miss CA USA 2009 believes marriage rights belong only to a man and a woman…Religious beliefs have no place in politics in the Miss CA family.”

But gutter profanity and misogyny do?

The winner of Ms. USA comments are available on Hotair:

Her answer’s probably good enough to satisfy the D-list parasites who are dumping on Miss California for not telling them what they want to hear; if she’s bothered at all by the fact that she won only because the judges were biased against her competition, she’s not showing it.

She does have some hollywood defenders:

Republican actress Angie Harmon is standing up for Miss California Carrie Prejean, who has been criticized for saying on Sunday’s Miss USA pageant that she does not support gay marriage.

“If someone is standing up for how they feel and talking about their beliefs, why are we punishing her for that?” Harmon, 36, told Usmagazine.com Tuesday at the opening of the Malibu Lumber Yard in Calif. “I just don’t understand how we’ve gotten to a place in America where, if someone doesn’t agree with everyone, then they are punished for it.”

Roland Martin echos her opinion:

At the end of the day, we all have to be true to ourselves. Whether it’s a gay gossip writer who favors same-sex marriage or a heterosexual woman who is against same-sex marriage. The day we condemn folks for speaking honestly is the day we become a bland society.

And perez Hilton? Crowder strikes:

Wrong is wrong, despite whatever is currently on the politically correct menu. What Perez Hilton did (which has nothing to do with gay marriage in itself) was wrong. His comments afterward were wrong.

I don’t judge people based on race, gender or sexual orientation, and I will no longer hear liberals accuse conservatives of doing so every time they rightfully make a moral judgment based on careless (or in this case, pre-meditated and mean-spirited) actions.

“By the content of his character,” I say.

“Oh, but you need to appreciate me for who I am!” – Okay, Perez Hilton. You’re a jack-ass. Consider it done.

Greg Gutfield too:

Finally, while I disagreed with Miss California`s take on gay marriage, I can still tell she`s a decent person -which is more than I can say for Perez Hilton. Fact is, I don`t give a damn about his sexual orientation. You can paint a turd pink, but it`s still a turd.

Charles Karel Bouley supports gay marriage but is no dummy:

And, well, we see what happened when she answered to the contrary of the question: she loses, is denounced and called a “bitch” and the “c” word by the blogger on national TV and print.

Well, there’s a great representation of my community.

He also notes the other side of the coin:

And there’s the danger, blogger. You set her up to be the patron saint of those who are launching such campaigns as “The Storm” and 2 M4M (no lie, Two Million for Marriage); campaigns that paint those that do not agree with same sex marriage as victims. You just gave them a powder-puffed-coiffed-to-the-teeth statuesque martyr in the form of Miss California.

Well the country Music awards like her:

Prejean will be among the many gospel artists to present during the awards show, including Baltimorean Jonathan Nelson.

And Michael Phelps too:

“Carrie and Michael have been out to baseball games and lunch,” grandma Jeanette Coppolla dished to Radaronline.com. “He always calls her when he is in town and they go out.”

If you wanted to get publicity who would you rather have on your show. Miss California the runner up or Miss 1919 Reds USA?

Meanwhile the debate continues the Greenroom has the funniest headline:

Let Gays Have Marriage; We’re Not Using It

While the other McCain at the American Spectator has the most profound headline:

Marriage: A Hill to Die On

Works for me.


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