Well I did like her in CopLand

Posted: April 21, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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At Big Hollywood Tom Shillue not only defends Janeane G. as a nice person but point out that she is only saying outloud what people on the left actually think but tend to say in “coded” ways.

Here’s the thing; everything Janeane said is what people on the left already think. They have been saying it right to your face, in creative ways, for years. Remember when the candidate Obama repeatedly spoke about his being a long shot for the election because “he has a funny name” or because he “doesn’t look like those other presidents on our money,” what do you think he was saying? He was saying that a large portion of our country is racist. He was talking about you. He was trying to shut his critics up even before they started. And it worked. Almost no one called him on it.

So don’t get upset when someone says it out loud. You should be glad someone finally said it-now you can answer the charge. You don’t want to have to answer the charge? Why not? It’s out there.

Conservatives will even buy into this. They will say, “Well, I know that there is still a lot of racism out there, but…”

That’s the problem. People are unwilling to declare that it’s over. It’s done. The number of Americans who believe one race is inferior to another is so small that they are not worth discussing. They are silly people. And they have no power.

This is an excellent point. It’s an argument we will win every time but only if people are willing to make the argument in public. She is willing so we can engage.

As for the personal stuff as I’ve said I have plenty of friends who are very left (hey it’s Massachusetts). There are plenty of people I would be willing to trust with my life and the lives of my family that I wouldn’t want to see in the White House or Congress. I’m glad she is nice on a personal level. I like nice people.

And yes you should see CopLand. It is one of the best movies you’ve never heard of.

Update: Commentators at HotAir don’t agree.

  1. mike licavoli says:

    It’s a shame she has the ability and the opportunity to put down citizens pursueing their lawfull rights.

  2. ClassicFilm says:

    Tom Shillue (in his Big Hollywood article, as cited by DeTechguy) must be commended for his loyalty, even if, with all due respect, I believe Janeane Garofalo to be a foul-mouthed, paranoid, anti-conservative, socialist hate-monger. I pity her while I loath her. I’m sure she CAN be funny… maybe after a few beers. I remember way back when she was funny. No longer. She’s a self-absorbed mess and a scary one at that.

    And racism? Why is it that the loudest and nastiest about it aren’t directly affected by it? If Janeane really cared about unfair judgment of another human being, why isn’t she front and center about the crap Perez Hilton dished out against Miss California (based on his being a friggin’ JUDGE for the Miss USA pageant) or that continues to be leveled against Sarah Palin? Or is the left only concerned with championing minorities who aren’t registered Republicans or have conservative values? Rhetorical question – we all know the answer.

    If it walks like a deranged, bigoted duck…

  3. Convey says:

    What would the left do without the racism argument? It’s their all purpose tool. Anything the right does that involves at least one black person can be summarily dismissed with one word. To an educated person, the argument is idiotic, but it must still be effective with some segment of society because the lefties continue to use it.