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Almost an instalance

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Boy those Boston Tea party photos are pretty popular. I haven’t had this many hits since my instalance.

However since my kids are having computer issues general conversation will have to wait.

Meanwhile those new episodes of Red Dwarf have to be online somewhere.

The one bad thing about the tea party…

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…was I missed Tim Wakefield’s near no-no.

That complete game by Wakefield was just what the bullpen needed. The value of a knuckle ball pitcher who can eat innings can’t be overstated. And Wakefield has been doing this for the Sox for 15 years through two world series rings. And lets not forget his importance during the 2004 Yankees playoff series.

This article says it best:

Not only was his team reeling from its worst eight-game start in 13 years, but he had just hours earlier milked 11 innings out of his bullpen and had to put Daisuke Matsuzaka on the disabled list. The pitcher who was coming from Triple-A to take Matsuzaka’s spot was traveling all the way from Rochester, with no chance of arriving in Oakland by the start of the game.

So the Red Sox manager was somewhat heartened when Tim Wakefield stopped by his office with a message.

“He poked his head in the door, one of the few moments it was open, and he said ‘I understand my responsibility,'” Francona said. “And it wasn’t flippant. He meant it. Boy, did he ever.”

Just a few hours later, Wakefield had carried a no-hitter into the eighth inning, settling for a complete game 8-2 victory over the A’s.

This is Pete Rose class stuff without the gambling. Who would not want this man on their team?

One thing that I think a lot of us are forgetting is this.

We (collectively) as a nation voted for president Obama.

We (collectively) as individual states voted for the people in the senate

We (collectively) as people in individuual congressional districts voted for our congressmen.

And particularly in Massachusetts we collectively have voted time and time again for the same group of democrats time and time again.

Unlike 1773 when we had taxation without representation we have representation and we still have done this to ourselves. Our founding fathers would be ashamed.

As I have said over and over again we always get the government we deserve, if the protests of yesterday are to achieve anything we need to follow up with candidates who will support fiscal responsibility.

We need to vote for them and support them politically and we need to put the fear of God into our reps who have time and time again forgotten who they work for.

If we neglect this then yesterday will simply have been a nice day at the common.

It’s our choice, what will it be?

Windows XP the OS that won’t die!

Posted: April 16, 2009 by datechguy in tech

Microsoft has confirmed what had already been hinted at. They will offer downgrade licenses for Windows 7 to go back to XP:

Users can downgrade to Windows XP and Windows Vista from Windows 7 via OEMs for 6 months after Windows 7 General Availability. For customers and businesses running Windows XP, Microsoft still recommends an upgrade to Windows Vista before moving onto upgrading Windows 7. If the user needs to run Windows XP Professional on new PCs and if they are running Windows Vista Business or Windows Vista Ultimate already, they have the automatic right to downgrade to a previous version of Windows for the life of that PC and the downgrade media may be obtained by an OEM for Windows XP for the service life of that PC (OEMs can choose to provide downgrade media).

The direct actual post is here.

I don’t care what they say it doesn’t give inspiration for the new OS when before it comes out the topic is downgrading.