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You know when we are all dead and gone…

Posted: April 5, 2009 by datechguy in hobbies
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…people will still watch the movie the Seven Samurai and be amazed at the quality of the story, plotting and acting. It’s not my favorite move of all time, but I can’t find a flaw it it anywhere.

In my mind it combines high art and entertainment comedy and just a fantastic story about the realities of life.

Due to it’s length you can’t watch it every week, sort of like Avalon Hill’s Civilization it’s best seen maybe twice a year but it’s an event. It would be very hard for me to pick any movie above it, even the Godfather or Casablanca.

If you have never seen it find a Sunday afternoon like this one and do so. I suspect it must have been a real chore to make.

American movie goers who have never seen it will recognize the scene above redone by James Colburn in the Magnificent Seven.

Incredible stuff.

At the Palm Sunday Mass Today…

Posted: April 5, 2009 by datechguy in catholic
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…as always the Passion of Christ is read as the primary Gospel reading. Today it was from Mark. If you aren’t Catholic you might not be aware that when the passion is read on Palm Sunday and Good Friday the Gospel is divided into parts. The priest reads Christ, There is a Nariator who reads the linking text, a 2nd reader (in our case a deacon) who reads various parts and the specific parts such as crowd reaction and the taunting of Christ are read by the people.

You would think after decades of this I would have noticed it but until I remembered this post based on Diane Korzeniewski excellent post that it hit me how proper it was that the public reads all of the condemnation of Christ. If was due to fear of public opinion the Pilate did what he knew and his wife knew wasn’t right.

Is that a metaphor on what is happening at Notre Dame? That’s for other people to say.