and the Reclusive Leftist notices something too

Posted: April 4, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news

As you might guess the Reclusive Leftist and I differ sharply on both Religion and Abortion but I tend to like reading her. Like me she noticed Tim Kaine’s moves, unlike me she doesn’t care for them too much, but she then notices something that didn’t hit me:

3. Tim Kaine is every bit as conservative as Sarah Palin. He also has the same amount of political experience as Sarah Palin. Yet for some reason, last year Sarah Palin was vilified by alleged feminists, while Tim Kaine continues to escape scot free. Not a word on him. Pandagon, for example: Amanda Marcotte wrote a series of posts on crisis pregnancy centers a few years ago, and you’d think she would be pissed at Obama’s man in Virginia right now. You’d think she would have objected to Kaine being appointed to the DNC. But nope — not a word. Amanda did, however, write a lot of posts last year ridiculing Sarah Palin for being conservative and relatively inexperienced — just like Tim Kaine, though Amanda never mentioned that. Amanda and her third wave cohorts also slandered Palin, and I do mean slander. Lies. Untruths. She knowingly published falsehoods about Sarah Palin, even though I personally furnished her with documented evidence of Palin’s actual positions. But Amanda’s just one example: there was a regular horde of blogger twits last year doing the same thing.

Read the whole thing. I have an instinctive liking for people who don’t check their principles at the door.

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