Tech Service #5 Fix it Service $79

Posted: March 31, 2009 by datechguy in employment, tech

This is my “catch all” service for non specific problems:

So you something is going funny with your PC, maybe your printer isn’t printing or your word document won’t come out right or your background picture won’t work. Let DaTechGuy take care of it!

What I will do:

  • I will take control of your system
  • I will listen to your description of your problem (unless I’ve already done an evaluation).
  • I will fix the issue

What I won’t do:

  • I won’t do a service that I offer as a unique service (Virus removal, wireless setup etc). This is my catch all service to cover what isn’t already listed.
  • I won’t install service Packs. If I think it is necessary I will DOWNLOAD them and then re-connect once installed.
  • I won’t keep your money if I can’t fix the problem


What I can’t do even if I wanted to:

  • I won’t do physical repairs It’s a long way to ship and frankly I’ve never liked doing it. Use a local tech for that.
  • I can’t add a feature that requires a newer version of software you are using

System minimums for this service:

A high speed internet connect (DSL or better) that is working

A Microsoft based computer running windows XP service Pack 1 or better

At least 256 mb of Ram.

All necessary cables.

If you don’t know the values on your system on XP right click on MY COMPUTER and choose PROPERTIES or choose SYSTEM in control panel. If you can’t access this info due to a virus I will take that into consideration .


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