Worcester Catholic Men’s Conference

Posted: March 30, 2009 by datechguy in catholic, local stuff

And now my oft promised roundup of the Catholic Men’s conference.

Quite a line of folks there I went with my two sons, my friend Steve and his oldest.

One weakness was the coffee area was as far away from everything else as possible, for some of the older guys it was quite a walk.

There were a couple of colleges exhibiting. St. Thomas Moore and Magdalen College, I asked the Magdalen about the Notre Dame situation and they say their staff take an oath of to the church every semester.

I really thought the book selection was pretty thin, Steve picked up a copy of a book on the Knights of Malta and I pointed out the “Thoughts of the Cure d Aris” (St. John Vianney) a great little $3 book that he picked up.

The Knights of Columbus were there seeking members, they picked up 8 (including me) there were campaigns to defend marriage, a campaign to include the choose life plate in Massachusetts, A Worcester first Friday society, the American TFP and the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. A lot of choices.

As far as the speakers go we started with Bill Wegner who was really funny and relevant (his talk about “stuff” is must hearing) he also stressed the love of enemies which is very important in a orthodox meeting.

He was followed by Joe Klecko former Jet and very catholic. His presentation was kind of disjointed but he was very passionate and strong when talking about standing up like men as Catholics. Setting the example for our families as men. It was an important message that might have been lost in delivery.

Just before Lunch Msgr Frank P. Lane gave a talk about the sacrament of confession,its biblical background and it’s importance. He pointed out that when he arrived in his parish confession wasn’t even offered, and it took time for people to start going.

Lunch was pretty good a grilled chicken salad rolls and butter and an apple pie, they split us one half eating while the other half took confession. When done eating the lines for confession were VERY long.

The priests seemed rather pleased to have so many taking the sacrament since it gets skipped much too much.

The Next speaker was Brian Brown who talked about prop 8 in California and in not being willing to give up, he illustrated the consequences of the changes in marriage law (such as the inability of Catholic Charities to work with adoptions in Massachusetts.)

I only caught the start of Guy Doud’s talk since the Knights of Columbus ceremony was at the same time. He was very funny to start and he was sweating bigtime when I came back. My son tells me he talked about being heavy and rejected due to appearance but he doesn’t remember much else.

Things closed with Mass filled with Bishops and priests and deacons. It was a solid mass and the sermon was on the “Mystery Greeks” who wanted to meet Jesus in the gospel of John.

All in all it was a good conference, I didn’t find it as good as the last one I attended but I would go again. They already have next years lineup down.

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