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If you aren’t reading Billy Tucci…

Posted: March 19, 2009 by datechguy in hobbies

…solid mini Series Sgt. Rock The lost Battalion you are missing something special, reviews not withstanding. He has managed to sneak in almost every DC war comic from Johnny Cloud to the Blitzkrieg crowd into the story.

It’s a fine use of $3.

Obama vs Obama

Posted: March 19, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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Bryon York proves that his move from National Review hasn’t lost him a step:

the image of Obama as a centrist, pragmatic problem-solver was born. It was an image that would last through the campaign, and through the election, and all the way until Inauguration Day.

But now, after nearly two months of the Obama administration, more and more voters are wondering: Is the Barack Obama they voted for the same Barack Obama who now occupies the Oval Office?

As Glenn says read the whole thing.

If there was ever a time when Castro’s son might be tempted to defect it would be now as not only has the Cuban team failed to make the final 4 but given the change to avenge their defeat to Japan of three years ago managed to be shut out twice!

Might I suggest that this would be a great time for the lot of them to decide to hang around in the US. Perhaps Castro won’t want them back after this.

On the bright side for Latin American dictators Venezuela continued to impress defeating the US in the seeding game winning it’s 5th straight. The game is meaningless (I actually think they should drop the seeding game myself).

The last seeding game puts Japan against Korea for the 4th time in the tourney. It appears that Korea, Japan’s arch rival has been the only team that can handle them. I must say I have absolutely no idea who is going to win this one. The winner gets the US and the loser gets Venezuela. Since they have split their games lets say Japan wins and faces the US and Korea faces Venezuela. I would not be surprised to see a Japan Korea final although MLB would consider that it’s nightmare scenario.

Why Morning Joe is the most important show on TV

Posted: March 19, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news

One side effect of my unemployment has been rising early so I’ve been able to watch Morning Joe every day.

It is a very enjoyable show, I liveblog it almost every day. Joe and Mika have incredible chemistry and except when Andrea Mitchel who I can’t abide is on the guest just click together, Willie, Pat and even on occasion the Doc just work.

They are not shy about disagreeing with each other and they are principled even when I disagree with them. Mika reminds me of my wife, she is not only a handsome woman but she has her opinions and is not afraid to defend them and I get the sense that she is above all the mother of her children. Joe is the only republican hosting anything on MSNBC.

Because of the very tilted lineup over there this is the one show where a republican can get anything near a fair shake over there. In addition to that democratic pols are actually challenged on things, and because the rest of the lineup is so fawning they feel obliged not to duck them.

Stories that are often totally ignored by all the MSN except for Fox are often touched briefly there. Once Morning Joe touches it other outlets that try to pretend that Fox news isn’t news can be hit over ignoring such stories. In addition their much more conservative radio show goes even farther and is referenced on the show. Conservative opinions that are never heard by many get aired by them.

It is the best chance for conservatives to make their points in the mainstream media and as the Pelosi immigration story proves, if there is no video there is no story.

Oh and today Joe mentioned that Barney Frank won’t come on the show, that says something.