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New Pelosi Pope News

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Via the Curt Jester apparently there is more to the Pelosi/Pope meeting that we knew about. Apparently there was also a secret meeting with her Archbishop first:

Michael Voris of Real CathlicTV reports today in his daily Vortex column that this meeting between Pelosi and Archbishop Niederauer took place quietly and clandestinely on Sunday, February 8th in a private residence in San Francisco. confirmed this fact with both the Archdiocese of San Francisco and Pelosi’s office in DC.

Pelsoi’s spokesman Brendan Daly said Pelosi described the meeting as quote .. “cordial and pleasant .. a fair exchange and good.”

When pressed by producer and host Michael Voris , if “good” meant that she had changed her position on abortion and finally gotten in line with Catholic teaching, Daly replied, “You won’t see that happening. She is not changing her position on abortion.”

Pelosi’s office won’t comment on the meeting:

Pelosi aides wouldn’t comment on the content of what they described as a private meeting between a practicing Catholic and her archbishop.

Fr John Mallow sees Deceit Deceit Deceit:

1) I believe that the Speaker decided it was in her best interest to meet with the Archbishop before her trip to Rome, but not to have the meeting known before the trip to Rome. I believe Pelosi’s meeting the Pope was conditional on her meeting with the Archbishop. I believe that someone from the Vatican told them (especially her, but through him): meet now or forget about meeting with the Holy Father.

2) I believe the meeting was covered up because that was a condition made by the Speaker, (easily acceded to by the Archbishop, because he saw it as a private pastoral meeting). For Pelosi, what is the political upside of having her meeting with the Archbishop known? None—it’s all downside. If it were publicly known, then the questions among faithful Catholics immediately arise: Well, do you now accept settled Church teaching? Do you plan on remaining a Catholic? If not, why do you want to meet with the Holy Father? She’d lose Catholic votes, without picking up any corresponding votes on the other side, because they know she’s not really Catholic anyway—if she were they would not be voting for her. What’s the upside? She gets to meet the Pope.

3) I believe the timing of the leaked information (from both the Archdiocese and Pelosi’s office) to “Real Catholic TV” is deliberate—it came too late to affect Pelosi’s meeting with the Pope (with the hoped-for but not-to-materialize papal photo-op), but allowed her spokesman and the Archdiocese to claim they’ve done their duties as Catholics to prepare her for meeting with the Holy Father.

Related post on it here, bottom line:

The Archbishop has met with her and has explained Church’s teaching- – and Speaker Pelosi has said .. good meeting .. thank you. I still support abortion.

The bottom line is will Archbishop Niederauer now refuse her Holy Communion?

Your move Archbishop — a lot of people are watching.

This is a prayer request just waiting to happen.

British Gold prices on the rise

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Just got my latest catalog from the Royal Mint. It has an insert that increases the price on all Royal mint gold products.

Hope you followed my advice and picked up those quarter sovereigns at the lower price. They are tiny but cute.

Between the price increase and the exchange rate changing its quite a price change.

Tim Blair on the Blogroll

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By the time you read this post Tim Blair will be added to the blogroll.

Blair writes in Australia and I’ve been reading him for many years. His commentary can be devastating to those who are on the receiving end of it as demonstrated by this post:

In Jeremy Sear’s imagination – what a tormented little place that must be—he’s fighting the Third Reich:

Taking them on might be personally unwise, in the sense of offering an alternative mark, but it’s better than leaving them unchecked. Look the other way while they ravage Czechoslovakia, and bullies will soon have a go at Poland…

Brave kid. You can guess who play the Nazis in Jeremy’s fantasy. Strange thing, though; when someone carrying a Nazi sign turned up at a Hamas rally in his own city, Jeremy urged that we look the other way and instead concentrate on “what the thousands of people not carrying pro-Nazi signs” were saying.

He’s a selective Nazi-opposer.

This is followed by 7 different updates where the target of this scorn complains, corrects re-corrects on Update 6 we see this exchange:

UPDATE VI. Now Jeremy is all upset too:

Nice work blowing that analogy about bullies out of all proportion.

Good point. I should never have connected it to Hitler’s conquest of Eastern Europe. Oh, wait; that was you.

This post alone justifies the addition to the blogroll. If you don’t read him daily, you should.

I haven’t quoted Jay Nordlinger in a while but today’s Impromptus should be required reading to remind us just what we are dealing with in Islam:

More from MEMRI, more from Arab TV—this time not so funny. Listen to a Kuwaiti professor appearing on al-Jazeera:

Four pounds of anthrax . . . carried by a fighter through tunnels from Mexico into the U.S., are guaranteed to kill 330,000 Americans within a single hour, if it is properly spread in population centers there.

What a horrifying idea. 9/11 will be small change in comparison. Am I right? There is no need for airplanes, conspiracies, timings, and so on.

One person, with the courage to carry four pounds of anthrax, will go to the White House lawn, and will spread this ‘confetti’ all over them, and then will do these cries of joy. It will turn into a real ‘celebration.’

(For the full report, go here.) I don’t watch much al-Jazeera, but it must be a cauldron of poison. And, all those years ago, when we liberated Kuwait—did we have to liberate that professor?

I look at this and then think of the comments at Tim Blair’s blog worrying that the beheading (that apparently nobody is blogging about) will hurt the image of Islam.

From what I’ve been seeing the thing that hurts the image of Islam the most is Islam. I’m reminded of the old saying from the civil war: All Democrats are not confederates but all confederates were democrats.