New Numbers how about that!

Posted: February 13, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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You might recall this post from last week:

Now Arlen Specter is a totally different story, he is not only vulnerable to pressure but we have candidates such as Rick Santorum or Pat Toomey ready who can beat him in a primary is we put in the effort. That is where the direction should lie. The reports that no republican wants to be vote 60 is certainly referring to Specter.

Via Glenn: National Review points out that the withdrawal of Gregg suddenly drops the cover provided.

I’ll be taping a Red Meat in a few moments with Mark, but we just realized that while passage of the stimulus is still all but certain, Gregg’s return to the Senate—and his likely “no” vote—makes the vote on final passage a bit more interesting.

It passed last time with 61 votes. But this time, Kennedy will not be there.

I actually think this is a non-story. Snowe and Collins are not going anywhere, and the democrats will wheel Kennedy out to vote in a hospital bed is if they have to.

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