That’s not funny!

Posted: February 8, 2009 by datechguy in Blame Bush, fun
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Comedy is hard, particular when your man is in power:

The old ways are dying hard. Colbert went into the vaults, all the way back to 2000, for a Bush/Gore joke. Jon Stewart did a Bush joke, as well. Ferguson set a record for Day 15; going way last century with a Bill Clinton joke (Clinton will lead the investigation into the accidental showing of porn during the Super Bowl). Stewart and Leno did Joe the Plumber jokes, Letterman did a couple Dick Cheney jokes and a Sarah Palin joke.

You can hear the cricket’s chirp about the president but his cabinet has got a few hits:

The tax situation has been a godsend to Late Night writers. Now they can make fun of the administration without having to actually go after Him. Six out of seven hosts (Kimmel abstaining) found humor in the tax problems of Obama appointments. The funniest was Conan, who suggested the stimulus package could be cut by $50 billion if Obama’s cabinet just paid their taxes.

And of course there is Biden the gift that keeps on giving.

I tend to agree between the domestic policy stimulus bill the rest of the world finding us an easy mark there isn’t very much funny going on.

Hey this is what we voted for we have it coming.

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