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That’s not funny!

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Comedy is hard, particular when your man is in power:

The old ways are dying hard. Colbert went into the vaults, all the way back to 2000, for a Bush/Gore joke. Jon Stewart did a Bush joke, as well. Ferguson set a record for Day 15; going way last century with a Bill Clinton joke (Clinton will lead the investigation into the accidental showing of porn during the Super Bowl). Stewart and Leno did Joe the Plumber jokes, Letterman did a couple Dick Cheney jokes and a Sarah Palin joke.

You can hear the cricket’s chirp about the president but his cabinet has got a few hits:

The tax situation has been a godsend to Late Night writers. Now they can make fun of the administration without having to actually go after Him. Six out of seven hosts (Kimmel abstaining) found humor in the tax problems of Obama appointments. The funniest was Conan, who suggested the stimulus package could be cut by $50 billion if Obama’s cabinet just paid their taxes.

And of course there is Biden the gift that keeps on giving.

I tend to agree between the domestic policy stimulus bill the rest of the world finding us an easy mark there isn’t very much funny going on.

Hey this is what we voted for we have it coming.

Talisman tonight

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Having a game of Talisman tonight maybe 6:30.

If you know me an are interested just show up.

That’s how you do it

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There is opinion and reality, a lot of people tend to confuse them. One of those people however is not Tom Switzer:

WHETHER it was worth doing remains highly doubtful, and how it will end remains to be seen. But it looks as if the US is achieving some kind of success in Iraq. That is quite a mouthful from someone who strongly opposed the war from the outset.

But these are the facts: Coalition military and Iraqi civilian casualties are down significantly. The level of violence is the lowest in six years. Iraq’s economic growth levels are today nearly one-third higher than under Saddam Hussein. The Sadrist militia and other Shia militant groups have been halted. The Sunni Arabs who once formed the heart of the Iraqi insurgency are among the most steadfast coalition allies in the battle against al-Qa’ida. The sectarian civil war has ended.

Note that this doesn’t effect his opinion on the war itself:

Now I’ve long believed the Iraq invasion was unnecessary. The incompetence of president George W. Bush, and in particular the neo-conservative architects of this misbegotten venture – which has cost the US dearly in not just blood and treasure but also prestige and credibility – merely adds underlining and an exclamation point. Any threat that Saddam posed could have been dealt with via the tried and tested policy of containment (UN sanctions, naval blockade, no-fly zone).

I think that opinion is dead wrong but it is an opinion that a reasonable person can hold. Yet he doesn’t allow that opinion to change his perception of facts on the ground.

The final line says it all.

… for now, as the largely violence-free weekend elections demonstrated, the situation on the ground has improved dramatically. Too bad many opponents of the war won’t concede that simple fact.

One who can see how things are is worthy of respect.

Selling some services this week

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Well the job picture isn’t getting much brighter but the services I’m offering are doing better. I made enough last week to pay for logmein for the month and part of the eBay fees. If I can sell two of each of the services I offer per week I can completely replace the income from my job and do this full time. (Maybe even take on a 10 hour a week intern!) If I can do half of that I can replace unemployment.

That’s likely farther down the road and if an appealing full time job comes then I’d only do this part time since the license won’t expire for 16 months.

Either way we will see and not to sound too mercenary but if you have computer issue remember I’m simply an e-mail and an online connection away.