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I mentioned this morning while Morning Joe blogging that I didn’t care for Andrea Mitchell. Its for reasons like this:

During MSNBC’s live coverage on Tuesday of the sudden resignation of Health and Human Services nominee Tom Daschle, reporter Andrea Mitchell suggested to Republican Senator Jim DeMint that the American public will see this as the GOP having “brought him [Daschle] down.” The Democratic nominee resigned over a growing controversy which revealed that the former Senate majority leader owed $140,000 in back taxes. (He has since paid them.) Mitchell sympathetically described talking to the ex-senator: “I just got off the phone with Tom Daschle. And it was an emotional conversation. He was clearly- it sounded as though he were tearful, overwrought.”

So let me get this straight. Tom “Tax cheats should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law” Daschle didn’t pay 140k in back taxes. The GOP objects and he ends up withdrawing and this is a BAD thing?

I certainly hope the GOP gets blamed for this.

Update: Added the missing “l” and Doris Kearns Goodwin is in that turf today.

Age of Empires or Talisman?

Posted: February 3, 2009 by datechguy in hobbies

tonight is game night and its my choices of games. Did Napaleon in Europe last time and I got slaughtered.

I’m torn between Age of Empires the boardgame or Talisman. I haven’t played Age in a long time while Talisman has a new expansion that I haven’t given a shot to.

Well after a full family dinner of NY Sirloin, Brishole, Spinach and green salad, Fresh chicken breast Patties, baked potatoes , sauteed onions and peas I’ve settled on Age of Empires

Lets be fair…

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…it is still only two weeks into the Obama administration. A bad start doesn’t mean a horrible finish. See Redsox v Yankees 2004 Playoffs.

It just seems longer because of all the adoration that took place in December and Jan and the calls for President Bush to step down.

That’s not to say I’m expecting much better but we are less that 1% into the first term, lets keep some perspective here.

Update: Glenn agrees

Don’t listen to him Sgt. Rock is excellent

Posted: February 3, 2009 by datechguy in hobbies

Tim Callahan doesn’t think much of the new Sgt. Rock Mini series The lost Battalion:

A Sgt. Rock comic without the artistic presence of Joe Kubert is likely doomed to failure — or at least doomed to constant comparisons — and Billy Tucci is smart enough to deal with the Kubert situation in the first panel of page one. He gives us a character drawing a picture of Kubert’s Rock, immediately signaling to the reader that Kubert’s version may be the “fictional” one, and Tucci’s is the “real” story of the World War II hero, complete with digital painting and plenty of photo-reference.

That Kubert-looking Sgt. Rock is the best thing in the comic, sadly.

Tucci is not Joe Kubert but he doesn’t have to be. He is Billy Tucci and that is more than enough. You will find the artwork first rate and the story even better. The series is currently on issue 3 and I can’t wait for issue 4.

There are very few comics these days worth your time. This one is.