Product #1 System Tune up $85

Posted: January 30, 2009 by datechguy in employment, tech

I’m mentioned the tech services I offer through eBay but I haven’t explained them in any detail on the blog. Over the next week or two I’ll list each product and detail it. Remember if you have need of any of them you can contact me through comments and we can arrange to get things started…

Is your system just clunking along? Did you last clean your temp files before the Sox on the series in 2004? Let the DaTechguy remotely connect to your system from here in Boston and tune it up.

What I will do:

* I will take control of your system
* I will clean out temp files
* I will increase your virtual memory
* I will evaluate your startup programs
* I will begin the defrag process
* I will update the system
* I will INFORM you if I see signs of a virus’ or spyware on your system
* I will if necessary install a secondary browser
* I will on request download but not install service packs
* I will suggest ways to keep the system running better.


What I won’t do:

* I won’t clean your system of virus’ I have a different service option for that
* I won’t backup your system with this service.
* I won’t install service Pack 2 or 3 on XP or sp1 for vista I will download them on request for you and you can do it if you wish.
* I won’t install or uninstall programs
* I won’t be responsible for any program or device that works differently after cleaning.


What I can’t do even if I wanted to:

* I can suggest a regular cleaning regimen to keep the system running better but I can’t make you do it.
* If your system is old and underpowered I can make it run better but I can’t make it as fast as a new one. You can tune up an 88 pinto but when done it won’t be a 2008 Lexus.


Minimums for this service:

A high speed internet connect (DSL or better) that is working

A Microsoft based computer running windows XP service Pack 1 or better

At least 248 mb of Ram.

If you don’t know the values on your system on XP right click on MY COMPUTER and choose PROPERTIES or choose SYSTEM in control panel. If you can’t access this info due to a virus I will take that into consideration .


Who is DaTechGuy and why should I give him my money or let him in my system?

I am a computer technician from central Massachusetts. I’ve been doing working with computers since programming or support for 20 years. I was one of the original (took the first call) techs at a company called HiWired , which did tech support for Ctrl-Center, Comcast and several other companies. In November 2008 we were all let go so I’m striking out on my own for now.

How are you going to connect to my system?

I will be using a piece of licensed software called LogMeIn Rescue to allow the connection between our systems. Your keyboard and mouse will become my keyboard and mouse and I will do the work as if I was in front of your PC?

How will we start the initial connection?

After receiving payment I will contact you to arrange a time to start the connection via either a code or an e-mail.

What if I can’t get my system connected to yours?

If I can’t establish the connection then I’ll either walk you through the tuneup or refund you.

How long will it take?

A tuneup like this usually takes about an hour, longer if I have to talk you through it over the phone.

What if I lose my connection?

The system should re-connect automatically if it doesn’t after a period of time I’ll give you a call or e-mail to arrange to re-connect.

How will I know when you are done?

I will leave a note on your system or send you an e-mail to that effect.

Should I back up my system before this is done?

Shouldn’t be necessary but it never hurts to do it. (You should be backing up your system regularly anyway)!

At what point should I just say forget it and buy a new system?

That’s up to you. A system is useful as long as it will do what you need it for fast enough for your tastes. You know your needs better than I do but if you asked me I’ll give you my 2 cents.

Does having an anti-virus mean I won’t get a virus?

Good thing I was not drinking when you asked. Absolutely not, risky user behavior, teenagers, and fraud are the primary causes of infection.

Hey my parents or grandparents need their system cleaned up, can I buy this as a gift?

Sure, contact me and we will setup the details.

What if I have any questions that you haven’t answered here?

Contact me.

Can i use my computer while You’re working on it?



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