Lovers Tiff

Posted: January 24, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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Bernie Goldberg looks at the dust-up concerning the press DARING to ask Obama questions during a visit. The comments he got from a print reporter on the subject are telling:

As a print reporter who covered the Bush White House told me: When a Republican president takes office reporters think they’re self-appointed prosecutors. But no one wants to prosecute Nelson Mandela. And Obama is a lot more like Mandela, to a lot of reporters, than he is to some run-of-the-mill liberal like Dick Durbin. Let’s just call Obama’s little tiff with the press a lovers’ quarrel.

Mandela? Mandela? Please give me a break. What planet are these people on?

Goldberg should know about this, when it comes to the slobbering love affair between Obama and the media he wrote the book; Literally.

Still I can’t complain it gives another reason to include a Monty Python Clip:

Plus it led to an amazing discovery that I will detail in my next post.

  1. Let them worship Obama however they wish in their private lives. But they have shirked their professional responsibility. “This all leads to the main question. What does Prince Bandar’s successor know about Obama’s past life that will give him power that no American could have over him? What does Putin know that the New York Times was too lazy and/or biased to find and report? What does Ahmadinejad know that the Washington Post was too biased and insular to find? Was there some nugget that the AP turned its back on while worshiping Obama that will be used by a foreign power to endanger our national security? Already media incompetence has fed into the weakness of the Obama administration. What weakness? The weakness that comes from lying and covering up and being allowed to get away with it. Democracy only works in the light of day. And there was an unhealthily small amount of it in the recent election.”

  2. I think there is a lot to what you say. But one factor makes me uncomfortable. Too many of these ‘journalists’ have never been a part of a free inquiring press. They followed fashion and covered up for Clinton then they were part of a rabid mob that instinctively but not thoughtfully attacked Bush. Then they just followed the crowd to worship Obama, thoughtlessly. I suspect too many of them lack the ability to think independently. Any break from leftist dogma will leave them feeling disoriented and frightened. They will be driven back to their dope like a junkie to his smack.