Gateway Pundit list my follow-up UPDATE: Stop the ACLU nails it

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Docweasellblog took exception to Andy Levy’s list which I linked to here. Gateway Pundit has his own follow up of his own:

DON’T let Barack Obama or the media tell you that they saved Iraq a year from now. Barack Obama voted to cut-&-run like the rest of the Democrats… several times. If Obama had his way Iraq would be in the hands of Al-Qaeda or Iran. Don’t let the media spin this any other way. Bush, Petraeus and the military saved Iraq.

DON’T let Barack Obama tell you he supported the surge. He said it would never work… He said it wasn’t working… He said it wasn’t working good enough… He said it was more successful than anyone could have imagined. He was as steady as a noodle.

DON’T believe democrats when they say they support the troops. They don’t. If they supported the troops they would not aid and abet the enemy. They would not have given the terrorists a reason to continue to slaughter American soldiers and innocent civilians. Democrats support their own power.

DON’T believe the mainstream media. Don’t take their propaganda as fact. It’s more than likely that they are just spewing out the part of the story they want you to hear. The media is just a vehicle for the radical Left to push their extremist agenda on America. Check and double check everything.

Being civil and keeping arguments germaine doesn’t mean we roll over and forget. Despite what some bloggers apparently believe we don’t need to be either asses or phonies or even dishonorable to be the opposition.

Nobody is saying we don’t fight on issues, nobody is saying we roll over but we aren’t going to persuade people by being a bunch of loud mouthed idiots.

Also remember that the media aided the left when they did those actions, they would put the best face on their stuff and hide the worst of it. If anyone on the right thinks that this is going to be the case for us if we act the same way they are drinking something much stronger than I do.

This has to be won at the local level up. We are going to have a ton of Iraqi vets coming home, many are conservatives and thought of very highly in their homes. We need to run these guys in local and state elections and re-build a base that way. No matter what Rudy says we need to continue to push conservative values. Not because they agree with our faith, but because they work and make a stronger society.

The pro life ad I linked to last night is a great example, so was Erin Burnett’s dig at Geithner today.

Geithner is a liar (turbo tax my left foot) UPDATE: maybe not and a tax cheat. He should not be confirmed and we should say so loudly.

Update: Stop the ACLU gets it EXACTLY right.

The upshot is, we as conservatives and Republicans should want Barack Obama to fail if he is to strive for the wrong things. It’s not unAmerican, or even relatively impolite to say so, either.

This is all not to say that Republicans and conservatives should treat Barack Obama in like manner as the ignorati of the lunatic left have treated George W. Bush. We should give Obama a fair hearing, agree when it’s appropriate, disagree when it isn’t and fight tooth and nail when we know we are right. We should eschew the sort of DailyKos, Huffington Post or DemocraticUnderground style of hate so prevalent with the left. But we should not go wobbly. Principled and firm opposition is called for, as always, cooler heads should prevail.

But, we should not wish Obama “success” just for the sake of success. Nor should we let our guard down in some foolish bid to force the left to appreciate us for our civility. Civility is a reward in and of itself. It isn’t a gift to the enemy.

So, here’s hoping great failure for Obama on all the things he should fail on and success with those things that are right and good for the United States of America.

He said what I wanted to say much better than I did.

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