They’re just asking for it

Posted: January 19, 2009 by datechguy in war
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Surprise surprise Hamas intends to re-arm:

“Do what you like, but manufacturing holy weapons is our goal,” masked spokesman Abu Obaida said at a Gaza press conference on Monday.

Where was the press conference held? Under the hospital, behind a schoolyard?

Again the ball is in the court of the people of Gaza. Are they going to put up with these loonies again or not? If they decide to do so at what point is Israel going to just say the hell with it and crush the lot regardless of what is hit? (I suspect that point will never come.)

Hamas is weak now and unpopular if there is ever a time for a change it is now. If it doesn’t happen and the rockets continue or return then Obama in the house or no Israel is unlikely to sit back and take it. The Jews have aptly demonstrated that they are not going to sit back and die just so the rest of the world can feel good about themselves.

Meryl Yourish’s site elaborates on the defiant Hamas. As long as they think that Israel won’t hit back they will talk tough. Will the people fall for it?

Oh and between Hotair and Israellycool the blog has had the busiest day since I started it. Hamas and their inane toughguy poster gets a good chunk of the blame.

Still waiting for that elusive Instalance but I’m still fairly young.

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