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JV Hockey St. Bernards 0 Leominster 0

Posted: January 11, 2009 by datechguy in local stuff

Went to the Steve’s son’s JV game it was a mass of action.

The fact that Leominster are the Blue Devils and St. Bernards are saints showed as the game was very physical.

There were some excellent hits but at times it seemed that Leominster was more interested in making hits than scoring. On at least two occasions a Leominster player out of position for a centering pass near the crease because he concentrated on a hit or a shove. first. #2 in particular seemed to manage a hit away from the puck hits at every chance. He must have thought he has Keith Magnison as the red hair was a giveaway. There was a fair amount of pressure on goal but St. B. Goal was equal to the task.

The real star of the game however was the goaltender of Leominster. St. Bernards had several excellent chances, 2 on ones, first rate centering passes and action near the crease. It seemed his body was everywhere. Even the St. Bernards fans were applauding
him as he made saves that nobody has any business making.

He was particularly fine late in the 3rd when St. B was working on a power play. Nothing was getting by them.

I was never much for schoolboy sports, but if this is any indication I think I’ll be attending more.

Global Warming my — Storm Thoughts

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Some thoughts on the snow.

It kept the crew from coming to try out that talisman expansion, will have to do it this afternoon.

Figured with all the snow people might be shoveling and not calling into unemployment yet, I was right got through on the 2nd try!

Had to dig out to get Steve’s son to hockey this morning as he is staying with us this weekend. I don’t know how he and his wife manage all the events with 4 kids.

I noticed the long list of protestant churches and Jewish synagogues closed on the news. You never see a Catholic Church closed. Mass is always held but the faithful are advised not to risk life to get there. Since the priest usually lives in a rectory next door this isn’t a problem. Also in a city like mine the Church are neighborhood churches so many people can walk to mass. I don’t know how it is in more rural areas.

Notice when things seemed to be getting warmer everyone cried Global Warming, now since things are cold it is “Climate Change”.

Our city had budget problems before the market crashes, I can’t see how we are going to pay for our snow removal this year.

I’ll have more to say on that but I have shoveling to do. Read you in a few hours.