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Christopher Hitchens is worth reading today.

This is a sentience that can be written any day of any week of any year. I can’t help but like him, when he is right he is right on and when he is wrong he is wrong honest. He is one of the best writers out there.

Although he would resent it I can’t help but pray for him.

Shades of the Lusitania

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Isreallycool links to this message at the “Free Gaza” (quotes are mine) site:

Israel is hereby put on notice that we are coming. We will announce our exact departure date, time and route, traveling from Cypriot waters, into international waters, directly into Gaza territorial waters, never nearing Israeli waters. The Israeli Navy, Ministry of Defense, and Foreign Ministry will all receive a copy of this notice. Any attack on our vessel will be premeditated and any harm inflicted on the 30 civilians on board will be the result of a deliberate attack on unarmed civilians.

I can only think of this notice:


I took the liberty of doing a search for the word “rockets” on their site, other than describing them as “modest homemade rockets”. I’m curious if they would consider them modest and homemade if they were fired at them. Of course there is no condemnation of those attacks, illustrating the moral bankruptcy of these guys.

In my opinion Israel should seize the vessel, and repatriate the people on board to either their starting location or to their individual countries of origin. These guys are very lucky that Israel is not the bunch of barbarians that these guys claim. If they actually thought they were, they’d stay home.

One or both are right

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Rich Lowry makes a strong point concerning Gaza:

we shouldn’t fool ourselves that this operation is going to “discredit” Hamas, as some conservatives hope, much or at all. Yes, Hamas ultimately is responsible for the conflict. But when an Israeli shell kills your family or your neighbor’s family, most people aren’t going to think it through enough to blame Hamas, they are going to direct their hatred and their desire for revenge at Israel. That’s why probably the most that realistically can be hoped for from this operation is a diminishment of Hamas’ capabilities. Achieving more than that would require holding territory and engaging in classic counter-insurgency operations, including providing services to win over the population. Israel’s not going to do that, and it doesn’t seem the PA is capable of it.

He has a really good point, Germany and Japan wouldn’t be what they are today if it hadn’t been for the post WW II occupation.

Headlines like this suggest that he might be wrong at least in one sense:

At least some of them know the identity of their tormentors. A New York Times dispatch captured an excruciating moment that took place in a hospital morgue, where a mother had just found half of the body of her 17-year-old daughter.

“May God exterminate Hamas!” screamed the woman in crystal-clear understanding that the terrorist band’s reckless, inhuman actions had brought death to her child.

This is not the only example of this type of talk.

This suggests that Gazans either feel Hamas is incapable to retaliate or they are just too angry to care. It is a seminal change.

This doesn’t mean that these people aren’t going to blame Israel as well, people who have lost friends and loved ones will have plenty of grief and anger to go around. Hatred of Hamas is not the same as tolerance for Israel.

Game night roundup

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Played a game called Descent Journey’s in the Dark last night. We didn’t finish as we started late (my fault) but it was better than I thought it would be. I would feel pretty good about recommending it to other gamers.

Then again for a price of $90 it oughta be good.

The subject of the Gaza operation came up. All agreed that Hamas are a bunch of bastards. My hesitation on the ground offensive wasn’t shared by anyone but 60% of the table criticized Israel for settlement activity on the west bank for giving Hamas an excuse. Barbara Lerner would take exception to that.

Speaking of gamers one of the guys saw The Gamers 2 recently and kept going on and on about it. It would have to be really funny to be better than the first one.