HiWired. It’s alive it’s alive! (perhaps)

Posted: December 27, 2008 by datechguy in employment, Hiwired

There is an interesting development in the HiWired situation.

According to the main HiWired site it is now a part of RadialPoint.

I checked the Radialpoint site and there is no press release confirming this but it is plain as the nose on your face on the HiWired page.

As for Ctrl-center that has apparently gone to PlumChoice. If you go to the ctrl-center page you see the re-directed address it goes to is http://www.ctrl-center.plumchoice.com

So the bottom line at the moment is this:

HiWired have been acquired by Radialpoint

Ctrl-Center has been acquired by PlumChoice

I’ve been acquired by nobody, but I am available.

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