People in town still without power

Posted: December 21, 2008 by datechguy in local stuff

Well as of this morning people on my street, my sister, my cousin and one of my wife’s best friends are all still without power.

Our Mayor’s press conference on the subject and on repairs etc is here, if you would like to download it then click here.

Mini-Update: (Did I just hear a reporter ask what will be the result of the investigation of our local utility before it has actually started? Playing the conference for the wife, she cackled outloud when the mayor said the city knows how to handle snow and is clearing the roadways.)

The 7″ or so yesterday didn’t help and the several inches today isn’t helping either.

Good thing I got the snowblower fixed in November at A & G Rental, or it would have been a good thing if it actually started when the storm came.

I know we have had a lot of help from power crews from out of state so I want to say to all of those guys, thanks an awful lot or thing would be a lot worse then they already are.

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