“One of our great governers”

Posted: December 20, 2008 by datechguy in opinion/news

So Gov Blagojevich has loudly declared his innocence and vows to stay and fight.

“I’m here to tell you right off the bat that I am not guilty of any criminal wrongdoing, that I intend to stay on the job, and I will fight this thing every step of the way. I will fight, I will fight, I will fight until I take my last breath,” Blagojevich said. “I have done nothing wrong.”

He cast himself as a victim in the case, and said he will not let a “political lynch mob” force him from office.

He must have been paying attention to this speech 10 years ago. After all the results might be similar if he sticks it out.

He also must know his Bible story of the dishonest steward; Luke 16 1-12 because he is making friends while he can:

While facing his own legal cloud, Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich decided to pardon 22 other people.

The Democratic governor rarely acted on pardon applications during his six years in office. The backlog of requests at one point topped 1,600.

At the New Media Journal Frank Salvato is giving an I told you so.

But what most around the country are just now staring to realize is that those who voted for Blagojevich are not embarrassed. In fact, if they could yawn any deeper over the matter they probably would. This is because political corruption is generational in Chicago politics. Once the Chicago Machine captured power in Springfield – Illinois’ capitol – the cancer that is political corruption spread from Cook County to infect the state. In fact, political corruption has become so ensconced in Illinoisans’ daily lives that acts of bribery, where elected officials are concerned, are even less noteworthy than a conservative point of view in a Chicago newspaper. The people of Illinois – especially Democrats – have accepted political corruption as part of the deal. Why else would they continue to vote into office those who have enjoined in corrupt activities year after year?

To better illustrate the point you need look no further that two inactions by Illinois government: the failure of the Illinois Legislature to strip our embattled governor of the power to appoint a replacement for President-Elect Obama and the failure of the Illinois Supreme Court to declare the future cell block H resident unfit to hold office.

I would dispute the statement about the Supreme Court as the charges are still pending but his words on the legislature is well founded. His conclusion is as follows:

…as you sit reading this in your home states, shaking your heads in disgust for Illinoisans’ inability to salvage their sinking political ship, spy the Cheshire-like cat grins on our faces. They are there because you all voted “change” into office last November. That “change,” my friends, was born of the Chicago political machine.

I predict this will go on until it reaches the point when it can actually do real damage to the president elect then a deal will be made. All this little stuff is trifling at the moment. Hey maybe Michael Madigan can give a speech after it is all done declaring Rod Blagojevich one of Illinois greatest governors.

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