Unemployed and blogging under my own blog

Posted: November 29, 2008 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Well after 3 years blogging at the HiWired blog and nearly 4 years doing tech support at HiWired my circumstances have changed. I along with the entire staff of HiWired (except for Deb who is doing the final tax paperwork) are kaput. I am now blogging here. What does this mean?

It means that you will see more political stuff since I’m into politics.

It means that you will see less tech stuff since that that what I do for a living but not really for fun.

It means baseball posts, gaming posts, doctor who posts, family posts, various rants etc.

It means that since I am writing for myself rather than a company I will be more opinionated than on the company blog.

It means I will be considerably more irreverent than I was on the company blog.

It means I will be totally uncensored, but in fairness In thousands of posts I believe I was censored 3 times. twice over accidentally giving out some inside baseball and once over content, but I don’t write much that would need censoring anyways.

It means that I won’t feel obliged to post daily unless this blog becomes the launchpad for new employment.

It means that I won’t have to fight a losing battle to get other people in the company to post on the blog anymore. To Quote Glenn Close in The Paper: “Get your own!” (or was it buy your own?).

It means that I can point to my new Amazon reviews here (I’m a top 1000 reviewer under the old system) but have to be in the mood to post one.

It also means that comments may or may not be open over here, I remember the comment spam on the company blog and it was a pain in the neck.

Either way this blog will be both to vent and to aid my quest for a new job to replace the one I lost rather abruptly.

But either way I will try to keep the theme of the last blog post I made over at HiWired, (or control center, or ctrl-center or whatever)

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